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Between 19th March and 31st May 2020, teams at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals cared for more than 180 patients with Covid-19. 'Covid-19: our story' shines a light on some of the people who made this possible. Watch the film
Research published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has shown clinical observations, imaging tests and point-of-care blood tests are all important indicators of pulmonary angiopathy (blood vessel disease) in COVID-19 and could help determine disease severity. Read more
NHS England has designated Royal Brompton Hospital as the leading centre for a new national rare disease network, in collaboration with Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. The two centres have developed world-leading expertise in the management of patients with cystic lung diseases. Read more
Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals have been named as performing “better than expected” in the Care Quality Commission’s 2019 Adult Inpatient Survey. For the survey, which covers different aspects of care and treatment, the CQC looked at the experiences of more than 654 patients who stayed in our hospitals. The Trust was named better than other trusts in eight of the 11 areas covered. Read more