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  • International Study Group of Ageing in CF


Dr Nicholas Simmonds studied medicine at the University of Nottingham, and did most of his respiratory training at St George's and Royal Brompton hospitals. He did his MD (Res) degree in the cystic fibrosis (CF) department at Royal Brompton and Imperial College, London.

His thesis topic was on the long-term survival in CF, with a focus on contributing factors, including; 

  • CF gene-protein function
  • environmental (non-genetic) factors

Areas of expertise

Dr Simmonds has expertise in diagnosing difficult or possible CF cases. He runs a Difficult CF Diagnosis Clinic, which has referrals from around the UK. In his diagnosis, Dr Simmonds utilises tools such as nasal potential difference and extended genetic analysis.

He is the co-lead investigator for the European CF Society Clinical Trials Network (CTN), investigating the lead trial on MRSA eradication. He is also interim clinical lead for the adult CF centre.

Research interests

Dr Simmonds' research interests include: 

  • Factors that relate to survival variability in CF
  • CFTR gene function variability
  • Nasal potential difference measurements and difficult diagnoses in CF/bronchiectasis
  • CF Liver Disease and its associated risk factors

His current research projects include:

  • The Long-Life Study in CF: a study of gene modifiers and long-term survival
  • International Study of Ageing in CF
  • Prolonged survival with low levels of lung function in CF
  • Refining the screening process for CF-related diabetes
  • Genomic, proteomic and metabolomic profiling of CF liver disease


Dr Simmonds regularly teaches on the CF course at Royal Brompton, and has been a symposium speaker at the: 

  • North American CF Society
  • European Cystic Fibrosis Society Conference
  • British Thoracic Society meeting

He has also been invited to moderate and chair sessions at the European Respiratory Society and European CF Society conferences. 


Dr Simmonds has published many review articles and book chapters, including his own original research. He is a member of the European CF Society Conference scientific committee and an editor of the Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine (cystic fibrosis edition) journal.