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As part of his training, Dr Duncan Macrae studied at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. He then worked for ten years as a consultant paediatric intensivist at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children before turning to Royal Brompton.

He is a consultant in paediatric intensive care for the Trust and is also clinical lead for paediatric collaboration with Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He is also Professor of Practice at Imperial College London. 

Working in a small sub-specialist area means we have to collaborate globally if we want to share ideas with colleagues doing the same thing.

Areas of expertise

Dr Macrae’s areas of expertise include: 

  • mechanical circulatory support for advanced heart failure
  • treatment for pulmonary hypertension in intensive care. 

He is also interested in witnessing and implementing different approaches to various aspects of his department, such as an example of a new approach to risk management in intensive care he saw in the United States. He then brought that over to the team here, which will help them to take more responsibility for infection control which will result in fewer hospital-acquired infections.  

Research interests

Dr Macrae has a variety of research interests including tight glycaemic control, which is the use of insulin to control glucose levels in sick children, and there is a clinical trial investigating this potential treatment being co-ordinated by himself. 

Dr Macrae has given lots of talks internationally, and finds that this practice helps him to ensure that he studies the latest developments in these key areas during the preparation. 

International reputation

Dr Macrae organises and attends world congresses, gives lectures to overseas audiences, and plays an active role in international organisations. He has also worked as a volunteer in China, Romania and Vietnam.

It is important that we travel widely so we can bring back the latest ideas to the Trust. My team has introduced many new methods as a result of working with colleagues overseas and this has had a positive impact on the quality of patient care we provide. 

In addition to his work in China and Romania, he has worked with a team led by Khanh Nguyen, an American-Vietnamese heart surgeon who works for the Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York. They operated on 15 children in the hospital where Khanh was born, and Dr Macrae found an interest in helping train local teams in the future. 

It is important that we continually promote the Trust's clinical research excellence so that we remain a destination for keen, enthusiastic overseas doctors who want to do specialist training here. 


Dr Macrae is on the scientific committee of the World Congress on Paediatric Critical Care, which meets every four years.

He is also president of the Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society and was involved in organising its first congress outside the United States, which was held in Monaco in 2008. He was chairman of the PCICS European Conference in 2011.

Dr Macrae presented at the World Congress of Paediatric Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery in Cape Town, South Africa in February 2013.


Dr Macrae is the paediatric editor for the European journal Intensive Care Medicine and an associate editor of Paediatric Critical Care Medicine, based in the United States.

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