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I was responsible for setting up the nurse-led follow-up service for patients who have undergone percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Harefield Hospital was one of the first hospitals to set up such a service. Patients are reviewed either in the outpatient clinic or via the telephone. This service is now run by the clinical nurse specialists (CNS) in cardiology.

The rapid access chest pain clinic is also nurse-led and runs twice a week. I run one of the clinics each week and the other is run by a CNS. This service enables GPs to refer patients who have chest pain which they think may be due to a cardiac problem.

All patients are offered an appointment within two weeks of referral.

I have also set up the lipoprotein apheresis unit. This is a dialysis-type treatment for patients who have exceptionally elevated levels of cholesterol. Ours is the largest unit in England, currently treating 35 patients from as far afield as Leicester, Kent and Suffolk, and we always have additional patients being assessed for treatment. I work closely with HEART UK, the cholesterol charity to help promote the treatment of high cholesterol levels in the UK.

In 2009 I set up pre-admission clinics for patients being admitted for elective PCI and we have now extended this service to almost all elective cardiology patients. We opened the Woodlands pre-admission unit in June 2013 and now all pre-admission appointments for patients coming into Harefield Hospital are carried out in this unit. 

We have produced a video about the PCI pre-admission clinic for patients who are being admitted to Harefield Hospital.

I also now carry out a ward round every day on the cardiology unit with one of the specialist pharmacists to help improve the patient pathway for patients who undergo PCI. We are both non-medical prescribers and are therefore able to ensure that patients are prescribed appropriate medication.

In 2015 we set up an inherited cardiac conditions clinic so there is now a service at both Trust sites. Two of the CNSs in cardiology assist with the running of this clinic.

In addition, I am actively involved in audit projects within the Trust and present at a variety of meetings in the UK and abroad. I have also published several articles on the work I do at Harefield Hospital.

Private patient referral 

If you would like to make an appointment with this specialist for private care, contact the RB&HH Specialist care team