Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (CSSC)

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (CSSC) is a specialist medical education and training centre at Royal Brompton Hospital.

The state-of-the-art facility is a collaboration between Royal Brompton Hospital and The Royal Marsden Hospital to focus on clinical skills training for staff and other healthcare professionals.

Clinical teams receive training in complex procedures and crisis management in the simulation suite and learn new surgical techniques in the wet lab.

The seminar rooms are also available to book for classroom teaching.

Simulation training improves patient safety

The centre provides medical simulation training where specialist training equipment is used to recreate clinical situations.

The CSSC allows medical trainees in many specialities to practice rare and critical scenarios in a safe environment. The centre also allows for procedural skills training such as chest drain and central line insertion.

The trainees learn, practise and repeat procedures, improve their skills, fine-tune techniques, and master clinical protocols designed to improve outcomes before seeing patients.