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Dr Vicky Gerovasili is a consultant in respiratory and lung Medicine at Harefield Hospital.

Dr Gerovasili completed her training in respiratory medicine at the first critical care department at University of Athens in Greece. She subsequently completed a clinical fellowship in interventional bronchoscopy at the Thoraxklinic in Heidelberg (Germany) before moving to the UK to train in lung transplantation.

Dr Gerovasili previously worked as a consultant in respiratory and lung transplant medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, before joining Harefield Hospital.

Alongside her clinical role, Dr Gerovasili is also the national lead for organ utilisation at NHS Blood and Transplant, aiming to improve lung donor utilisation in the UK.

Areas of expertise

Dr Gerovasili has expertise in:

  • General respiratory medicine
  • Lung transplantation 

Research interests

Dr Gerovasili is an honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College London, and, alongside her clinical work, has been involved in a number of research projects, which have contributed to over 40 publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Dr Gerovasili's research interest is focused on early rehabilitation in ICU, rehabilitation in heart and lung disease, endoscopic lung volume reduction, chronic allograft dysfunction, as well as infections in the immunocompromised host.


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