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Dr Ricardo José obtained his undergraduate degree in Medicine (MBChB) from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He holds a Diploma in Anaesthetics from the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa, Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health from the University of Manchester, and PhD in Respiratory Infection, Inflammation and Immunity from University College London (UCL). Following his Core Medical Training in Manchester, he moved to London to specialise in both respiratory medicine and general internal medicine as an academic clinical fellow and clinical lecturer at UCL. He is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (London) and is trained in bronchoscopy, endoscopic bronchial ultrasound and thoracic ultrasound.  

Prior to joining Royal Brompton Hospital as a specialist in respiratory infection, Dr José worked as an honorary consultant at University College London Hospital in respiratory infection and set up a dedicated clinic for the management of respiratory disease and symptoms in patients with cancer.

Dr José is an elected member of the British Thoracic Society Council, member of the BTS Standards of Care Committee, past member of the BTS Science and Research Committee, and member and deputy clinical immunologist of the North West London sub-regional immunoglobulin assessment panel.   

Dr José has a special interest in respiratory infections, bronchiectasis and pulmonary complications associated with cancer therapy. 

Areas of expertise

Dr José is a respiratory specialist with expertise in acute and chronic respiratory infections and respiratory disease associated with cancer. He has a special interest in respiratory disease in immunocompromised individuals and has a clinic dedicated to the management of respiratory infection and respiratory disease in patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiency alongside Dr Kelleher’s immunology clinic offering immunoglobulin replacement therapy. He particularly sees patients with immunodeficiency secondary to cancer (e.g. leukaemia and lymphoma), therapies for cancer (e.g. systemic and targeted chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, haematopoietic stem cell transplantation), and therapies for inflammatory disease (e.g. biological therapies and other immunosuppressant drugs).  

Areas of expertise include: 

  • Bronchiectasis 
  • Severe, persistent, unusual, or recurrent respiratory infections 
  • Primary and secondary immunodeficiency  
  • Primary ciliary dyskinesia 
  • Fungal lung infection 
  • Airway disease due to fungal sensitisation (e.g. allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis) 
  • Non-tuberculous mycobacteria 
  • Latent tuberculosis 
  • Pneumonia 
  • Pulmonary complications of cancer (solid organ and haematological malignancy) and cancer therapy 


In 2009, Dr José started his training in respiratory medicine as an academic clinical fellow and in 2013 he was awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship for research into lung infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae. This focused on the role of proteinase activated receptor 1 that has a key role in the interplay between coagulation activation and inflammation. This research was performed at UCL and led to a PhD, several publications, conference presentations and awards. He continued his research as a clinical lecturer investigating de novo bronchiectasis in haematological malignancies. He is a Honorary Associate Professor at UCL Respiratory and continues his research interest in host susceptibility and pathogenesis of respiratory infections.  

Dr José is an associate editor of the journal of clinical case reports and the Annals of Research Hospitals. He is frequently asked to review manuscripts for the European Respiratory Journal and Thorax. Additionally, he receives requests to peer review for other journals including Nature, Immunity, Mucosal Immunology, Journal of Critical Care, Cancer Supportive care, Annals of Thoracic Medicine, Allergy and Therapy, BMC Pulmonary Medicine, PLOS one, and journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.  

See a full list of Dr José’s publications here


Dr José has extensive experience of teaching and examining undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and past clinical lead of the prestigious UCL MBPhD programme. He is invited to teach at conferences and courses including at the Royal Society of Medicine. As an Honorary Associate Professor at UCL he continues to teach 1st year medical students on the UCL breathing and circulation module. 

Amongst Dr José’s extensive publication record he has authored several book chapters on respiratory infections and pulmonary complications of cancer therapy. He is also a section editor for the 2nd edition of the Encyclopaedia of Respiratory Medicine.  


  • Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (2018) 
  • National Institute for Health Research Academic Clinical Lecturer in Translational Medicine (Respiratory Medicine, 2016)  
  • European Respiratory Society Lung Science conference best oral presentation award (2015) 
  • Academy of Medical Sciences spring meeting: runner up prize (2015) 
  • Royal Society of Medicine Young Respiratory Investigator Prize: First prize (2014) 
  • European Respiratory Society Lung Science conference distinguished poster award (2014) 
  • European Respiratory Society Lung Science conference travel bursary for an outstanding abstract (2014) 
  • British Lung Foundation/GSK travel award to ERS conference (2014) 
  • British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology travel fellowship (2014) 
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship (2013) 
  • National Institute for Health Research Academic Clinical Fellowship in Respiratory Medicine (2009) 
  • 2008 Chelmsford Medical Education & Research Trust Award: First Prize in the Audit category (2008) 
  • 2007 Chelmsford Medical Education & Research Trust Award: First Prize in the Audit category (2007) 
  • 2003 Elected member of the Golden Key International Honour Society (2003)