Patient experiences

We know that coming into hospital can be a challenging and daunting time for many patients and that good quality, reliable information is invaluable in helping you prepare for a procedure or simply to understand our hospitals.

Because of that, we have put together first-person accounts by patients for patients. This way, you can read about what to expect from someone who has been through it before you – someone who knows the anxieties and questions you might be dealing with. You can choose which story to read from the lists below. 

Our patient's stories look at all aspects of the journey you may have when visiting one of our hospitals; from when you arrive to your treatment and what happens after. 

If you would like to share your story, you can contact us

These stories look at what happens when you first arrive at hospital and what you might expect

Coming in for a sleep study 

Looking at what happens when you come in for a sleep study at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

On the asthma ward

Amanda Brown talks about what she experienced coming into Royal Brompton Hospital as an asthma patient

Asthma tests (coming in for the difficult asthma protocol)

Emma Bearfoot stayed at Royal Brompton Hospital for a series of asthma tests and talks about what happened to her. 

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) check

Find out from a previous Royal Brompton patient about their experience on sleep study. 

Penelope Wybrow

Penelope's story looks at how a new ICD device fitted allowed her to have MRI scans more easily. 

Paul Scoble 

Find out what happened when Paul came to Royal Brompton Hospital and had open heart surgery

Susan Jefford

Susan talks about her experience being a long-term patient at Harefield Hospital

Joshua Newman

Joshua's mum, Suzy, talks about what happened to Joshua as a paediatric patient at Royal Brompton Hospital.  

Alexander Smail

Alexander talks about his time as a patient at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Renee Hipwell

Renee talks about her experience, and how her family are now treated at the same hospital as well.

Caroline Earnshaw

Caroline talks about the care she has received as a patient at Harefield Hospital. 

Tracie Giddy

Tracie reflects on the care she's received at Royal Brompton Hospital since she was a baby. 

Paul Conisbee

Read how a small procedure at Harefield Hospital allowed Paul to carry on with his passions. 

Nick Fisher

Nick talks about how his cardiac condition has been treated at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Donna Richardson

Donna reflects on her the journey that brought her to Harefield Hospital as a transplant patient.

Robert Thomas

Robert talks about his experience at Harefield Hospital. 

Sarah Howell

Sarah explains about her journey with her heart condition and how Royal Brompton has continually looked after her. 

David Southall

David talks about the treatment he received as a respiratory patient. 

Jenny Gane

Jenny talks about participating in the pulmonary rehabilitation service. 


Helen talks about her experience as a patient at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Alex Stobbs

Alex talks about his lifelong experience living with cystic fibrosis.

James Machin

James, a cystic fibrosis patient, reflects on his experience waiting for a lung transplant. 

Sally-Anne Grainger

Sally-Anne talks about her experience at Harefield Hospital as lung transplant patient. 

Jason Searle

Jason talks about his journey living with severe asthma. 

Tanya Page

Tanya looks back on her experience at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Ruth, Ronald, Roya and Junior

Ruth talks about their experience with the children's long-term ventilation service at Royal Brompton Hospital.

Sam Gambi

Sam's mother talks about their experience with the specialist children's sleep centre at Royal Brompton Hospital.

Stephanie White

Stephanie's experience of being looked after at Harefield Hospital. 

Nathan Brandrick

Nathan talks about his experience transitioning from the hospital's children's services to its adult services. 

Alexander Ellis

His mother, Charlotte, talks about their experience of her son's care at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Sophie Lyon

Sophie talks about her experience transitioning from the children's services to the adult services at the hospital. 

Alexander McPhee

His mother, Libby, talks about the expert care that her son has received at Royal Brompton Hospital. 

Amber Howe

Amber's mother, Ali, talks about their experience with the paediatric cardiology team at Royal Brompton Hospital.

Samuel Liu

Samuel's mother, Wai, talks about their journey with Royal Brompton and how they have helped Samuel with his heart condition.  

Barbara Copland

“I felt that radiofrequency ablation was a good option for me and I was reassured by Harefield’s reputation in this specialist area and the good success rates achieved for the treatment. The whole team involved in my care – from the nurses to the anaesthetist, doctors and support staff – were fantastic. They were extremely empathetic and explained everything to me in great detail.”

Matthew Moorman

"Life has got back to normal and I can't thank Royal Brompton enough... for what they have done for me. There are not enough superlatives in the English language that adequately describe what great work they do."

Eleanor Senington

"It is an incredible feeling to hand yourself over to such expert professionals with a feeling of relief that at last something is being done."