NHS rainbow badges

You may have seen some of our staff wearing NHS rainbow badges. The badges are just one way to show that Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals are open, non-judgemental and inclusive places for people who identify as LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, the + simply means that we are inclusive of all identities, regardless of how people define themselves.)

About the rainbow badges initiative

The rainbow badge initiative began at Evelina London Children’s Hospital to send a message of inclusion for people that identify as LGBT+. Lesbian, gay, bi and transgender people in the UK can still face significant barriers to accessing healthcare, which can have a direct impact on their physical and mental wellbeing. Research shows that: 

  • one in five LGBT+ people are not out to any healthcare professional about their sexual orientation when seeking general medical care
  • one in seven have avoided treatment for fear of discrimination, and
  • one in eight have experienced some form of unequal treatment from healthcare staff because they identify as LGBT+
      (Stonewall, Nov 2018)

Over 100 NHS Trusts in the UK now provide rainbow badges to staff to help reduce these barriers.

At Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, we are fully committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our patients, regardless of how they identify themselves. Simple visible symbols, like the rainbow badge, are designed to let patients know they have a safe space to talk, be open and get support if they need it.

Have you spotted someone wearing a rainbow badge?

If you see a member of staff wearing a rainbow badge, you can ask them about it. It is a reminder that you can be open with all our staff about your identity and who you are. They will listen and respond without judgement and do their best to get you support, if you need it.