Wifi service

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals provides a free guest wifi service for use by our patients and their relatives.

Our guest wifi service allows you to keep in touch with email and social media, to research medical conditions, to browse the news or even the weather, while you are visiting our hospitals.

Any device that supports wifi and has a modern browser should be able to connect, for example:

  • tablets – iPads, Android or Microsoft
  • smartphones of most types
  • laptops with Apple or Microsoft operating systems
  • some games consoles.

This service requires you to register with an email address and mobile telephone number to enable access.

As the service is a free service operated by the Trust, there may be restrictions on accessing certain web pages or external services. 

Connecting to the guest network

Registering a new account

With your device switched on, open your wifi settings to view available wifi network connections.
Click 'RBHT-Guest' in the available network list, and then click the “connect” button to establish the connection.

When connected, open the browser on your device and click “Create Account” on the web page that appears (just below the “log in” button).

Complete all required fields on the registration form, which must include a valid email address and mobile telephone number so that your password can be sent via email or SMS, and then click "register".

Important note: To receive the SMS message with your password, the mobile number you enter must start with 44 (the international code for the UK) eg 07111222222 becomes 447111222222.

A new page will be displayed confirming that the system has accepted your details.

Click “continue” when you receive your SMS message or email with your password, enter the username and password into the screen that appears, read and accept the terms, then click "log in", which will take you to the website of Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. From there, you can access other web pages, your email and other applications as normal.

Your account will be valid for seven days.

Using a current account

If you have created an account within the past seven days, simply open the browser on your device and log in using the details that were sent to you initially.