This is a scan of your lungs and chest. It gives us more detail than a chest X-ray. The pictures can help understand more about what might be causing your symptoms.

Having the scan

You will lie on a bed that will move through a scanner. A radiographer will on hand for you to speak to through a microphone during the scan. The scan is not painful. The radiographer will ask you to hold your breath for a few seconds as the images are taken. The image is taken quickly, but will take a few minutes to appear on the radiographer's screen. 

The scan should last for about 20 minutes. 

After the scan, you can go back to your normal daily routine and activities. 

Your results

The results from the scan will not be available immediately. They will be sent to the doctor who is looking after you in hospital , and they will either discuss the results with you at your next appointment or over the phone. 

Asthma is a common lung condition that causes occasional breathing difficulties. There is no cure for asthma but in most sufferers, available treatments keep their symptoms under control. 

Female patients

If you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, you need to let us know before the scan. 

Finding the CT scanner

Harefield Hospital

There are two scanners at Harefield Hospital, which are both on the ground floor in the main hospital building. Go to the main reception desk in the X-ray department and they will show where to go for the scanner you need. 

Royal Brompton Hospital

There are two CT scanners at the hospital. Check your appointment letter to make sure you go to the correct scanner. The scanners are located in: 

  • Fulham Wing,/South block in the basement
  • Sydney Street, Level 3, X-ray department