If you are having cancer tests or have been diagnosed with cancer, we know you will be feeling anxious.

Every patient has different fears and concerns during this difficult time.

We will make sure that you and your family receive all the information and support you need throughout your time with us. We provide fast, professional, first-class services tailored to your needs.

When your consultant gives you your diagnosis they will also discuss the treatment options available to you. The treatments that are available to you will differ to others depending on your situation and the stage of the disease.

The main treatment we offer at the Trust for cancer is surgery. If you are not suitable for surgery we may recommend chemotherapy or radiotherapy instead.

If this is the treatment you will be having, you will have it either at your referring hospital or at one of the specialist cancer centres.

In some cases, we will recommend 'palliative treatment' or 'best supportive care'. This will be instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Palliative care involves using treatments to manage your symptoms. This is so you can have the best possible quality of life. We may also refer a community team to you. This team will be able to give you help and treatment at home rather than in hospital.

Read more about some of our treatment options:

Being diagnosed with cancer can be an anxious time for anyone, and we have a number of ways we can help to support you. 

Lung cancer nursing team contact details

Royal Brompton Hospital

Royal Brompton Hospital Macmillan Lung Cancer CNS Team

Email: rbh-tr.thoraciccns-rbh@nhs.net
Phone: 020 7352 8121 (ext. 84134)

Harefield Hospital 

Harefield Hospital Macmillan Lung Cancer CNS Team

Email: rbh-tr.harefieldlungcns@nhs.net 
Phone: 01895 823 737 
(ext. 85313)