Royal Brompton clinician receives prestigious accolade

Royal Brompton consultant cardiologist & intensivist Professor Susanna Price, has been awarded Honorary Membership of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM).

The highly prestigious award is given to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to both the ESICM and the speciality of intensive care medicine over a prolonged period.  The award is given to between only one to four intensivists across the world each year. The ESICM’s council nominates individuals deserving of the award each Spring, the list is then in-turn shortlisted by its executive committee and, where necessary, asks the council to formally vote for the most deserving winner. Only 38 intensivists in the world have received the prestigious honor since its inception in 2009.

Professor Susanna Price initially trained as an undergraduate at King’s College London continuing her training in cardiology and intensive care medicine in a number of London centres including St Thomas’, St George’s and Royal Brompton hospitals. During her cardiology training, she undertook a fellowship in echocardiography at the Thoraxcenter, Rotterdam, and then on completion of her specialist training, was awarded the Jill Dando GUCH fellowship, furthering her expertise in management of the critically ill adult patient with congenital heart disease. Professor Price is trained in intensive care medicine as well as cardiology – an extremely rare and coveted combination, especially in the UK.

Commenting on Professor Price’s award, Professor Lui Forni, ESICM Secretary said: “Susanna often attributes all of her achievements to those who trained her, and seems at times, blinkered to her own abilities. All I can say is that in the future I am sure that she will be recognised as one of the giants of her field from whose shoulder’s others will see further.

"Professor Price fulfils all the criteria and much more than is needed to be an honorary member of our society and we can only thank her for all she has, and continues to do for our specialty.”