Lung cancer - Faster Diagnosis Clinic

You have been referred to this clinic by your GP or healthcare professional because you have suspected cancer symptoms. 

When is the clinic held?

The clinic is held every Wednesday. 

Where is the clinic?

The clinic is held at Harefield Hospital in the outpatients department, which is within the Anzac Centre. 

What happens at the clinic?

Your initial appointment will be with a consultant, who will discuss your symptoms and schedule some tests for you. The tests may be on the same day as your initial appointment or you may need to come back to the hospital for the tests at a later date. The tests you will have are:

  • a CT scan
  • blood tests
  • a lung function test.

Depending on the results of these tests, you may be brought back for further tests. These could include:

  • further scans
  • a bronchoscopy (camera test).

If the results of your tests show that your symptoms are not cancer-related then you could be:

  • monitored in the lung cancer clinic
  • referred on to the appropriate service either at the hospital or elsewhere
  • sent back to your GP or healthcare professional
  • brought back to the clinic for a follow-up appointment.

Referring a patient

GP referral via e-RS

As part of the new NHS standard contract, we only accept referrals from GPs to consultant-led clinics through the e-RS.  Faxed or paper referrals will be rejected and will not be posted.

For rejected referrals, the GP will be informed within two days that their referral has been rejected.  It will then be the responsibility of the referring GP to resubmit the referral using e-RS.

NHS e-Referral service

If you wish to refer a patient, you can do it using the NHS e-Referral service (e-RS).

You can view available appointment slots and book the appointment before your patient leaves the surgery. If there are no clinic slots available via e-RS, you can still refer your patient to us by selecting the ‘defer to provider’ option on e-RS.

If the patient wants to arrange the appointment outside of the surgery, please make sure you give them their booking reference number and e-RS password.         

If you can’t find a service on e-RS, you can search for the condition or review the general service and the sub-specialty. 

As a specialist provider, some of our services are not offered by direct booking. These services can be accessed by emailing the referral to:

Consultant to consultant referral

Consultant to consultant referrals to our service can be sent via an email address to:

The advantage of emailing a referral letter (with any diagnostic information) is that it will be received directly at a central point (Access Office), will be registered promptly and submitted for clinical review and appointed sooner. 

Contact details

For queries about the lung cancer clinic you should contact:

Julie Heale
01895 828692