NHS70: Thanks for everything video gallery

NHS 70: Thanks for Everything is a commemoration of the history of care provided in our hospitals to mark the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service, delivered thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Below you will find a series of videos from members of our teams and patients, both past and present, looking at different aspects of their experience working and being cared for by the NHS. 

The Rt Hon. Baroness Boothroyd - Part 1

In this video, the RT Hon. Baroness Boothroyd is interviewed by Gill Raikes, CEO of the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Charity. She discusses her first experiences as an outpatient compared with being an inpatient, and gratitude for Aneurin Bevan. 

The Rt Hon. Baroness Boothroyd - Part 2

In an interview with Gill Raikes, Baroness Boothroyd talks about the recent Brompton March to save the congenital heart department, and her gratitude to Royal Brompton Hospital.

The Rt Hon. Baroness Boothroyd - Part 3

In this third part, Baroness Boothroyd asserts the importance of gratitude for the free health service regardless of the issues it faces today. 


More videos

Professor John Pepper - Cardiac consultant and clinical research director

Professor John Pepper discusses the specialties of Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital and the importance of free health care offered by the NHS.

'Heart of a child' (1977), featuring voiceover from Professor John Pepper

'Heart of a Child', 1977 is the story of Bradley Austin, Royal Brompton Hospital patient who undergoes a transposition of the arteries. Professor John Pepper, Director of research at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust explains the method used then, and current development in cardiac surgery.

Wendy Harriman - Cardiac nurse at Harefield Hospital 

Cardiac nurse at Harefield Hospital shares her love of nursing, her experience of training with nurses of multi-national backgrounds, working in Harefield, the States and Emirates, and how lucky we are to have the NHS.

26 years ago, Jane Buxton and Zoe Streuli, Senior Sisters at Harefield Hospital cared for Tom who fell suddenly ill from his cystic fibrosis when visiting his brother. This is the story of Tom told by the two nurses.

Part 1 'Out of tragedy comes goodness' 

Part 2 'The bench'

Part 3 'The surprise'

Dr Michael Rigby - Consultant paediatric cardiologist

Consultant Paediatric cardiologist shares his view on the sense of History at the Trust, the amazing work that goes on here, including patient and family care by the Brompton Fountain, and the challenges that the NHS faces now and in the future.

Maxine Ovens - Play service manager

Maxine, Play Service Manager, explains the role of play in hospital, and the difference it makes to the treatment of young patients at Royal Brompton Hospital who return regularly, and her vision for a Trust wide play strategy.

Julie Cannon - Clinical nurse specialist 

Julie, a Clinical Nurse Specialist gives an insight into the start of her role and describes why Royal Brompton Hospital has so many members of staff who spend their whole careers there.

Fran Cox - Cardiac nurse specialist 

Fran, a Cardiac Nurse Specialist and ex Paediatric Matron recalls efforts to make the ward more child-friendly, including bringing education, the importance of breastfeeding and early nurses memories, such as her unlikely story about an anaesthetist pig farmer.

Hattie and her mum 

Hattie Clarke, a patient with cystic fibrosis and her mum Sharon share the fond memories of Hattie treatment on Rose Ward and the amazing patient care at Royal Brompton Hospital and in the NHS.

Alison Pottle - Cardiac consultant nurse and Deborah McDonald - Deputy Ward Sister

Part 1

The two nurses share their experiences of the strict rules put upon nurses, and why they needed to be able to sew.

Part 2

The two nurses relay wonderful memories at Harefield Hospital, including the fetes and a marriage that took place on the ward.

Dr Isabel Skypala Consultant allergy dietitian

Dr Isabel Skypala, Consultant Allergy Dietitian, explains why she loves working at Royal Brompton Hospital and the special relationship diet holds for patients at the Trust.

Kumi DeCosta - Practice educator

Kumi, a Practice Educator, talks about coming from Sri Lanka, nursing in intensive care at Royal Brompton Hospital and pioneering work crafting the ward into what it is today, how Royal Brompton allows her to care for patients and families and how she is fiercely protective of the NHS. Interviewed by Sara Rossi. 

Sally Meah - Respiratory research nurse

Sally, a Respirator Research Nurse explains how rules have changed with regards to training and attitudes towards nurses. She outlines difficulties that she encountered whilst starting off as a nurse and some of the things that she cherishes from her time at the hospital over the years.

Vibha Teli and Nicola Holt

Vibha Teli and Nicola Holt talk about the changes in Pharmacy and new medical developments healthcare for wards and Patient Care.

Sadie Carpenter - Bank nurse

Sadie, a Bank Nurse at Harefield Hospital, discusses her experience of the NHS50 celebration 20 years ago, and changing opinions of the NHS since it began with Aneurin Bevan.