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Trust psychology lead awarded ‘Innovating for Improvement’ funding

Dr Anne-Marie Doyle
Dr Anne-Marie Doyle

3 November 2016

Dr Anne-Marie Doyle, consultant clinical psychologist and Trust lead for psychology, in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Haxby, lead clinician in clinical risk, have recently been awarded funding for a research project under the Health Foundation’s ‘Innovating for Improvement’ funding stream. 

The research will evaluate a combination of cognitive and behavioural interventions to provide an integrated approach to physical and psychological health.

Dr Doyle’s study, Integrated Health: Optimising Strength and Resilience, aims to deliver a new programme to optimise health and promote resilience for patients and staff. The project aims to improve health in line with individual values and goals, and for staff aims to support teams to contribute to a positive organisational culture in line with Trust values to ensure that patients and families receive compassionate, high-quality healthcare. Recognising that optimising physical and psychological well-being benefits everyone, the study is aimed at both patients and staff.

Dr Doyle said: “Our study will use the latest advances in cognitive and behavioural science and recognises the complex interplays between biological, psychological and social determinants of health.

“Our aim is to increase knowledge and understanding of positive well-being as well as normal experiences such as stress, anxiety and low mood and the everyday health and social contexts in which these occur. The latest advances about the brain as an operating system over which we have some control and power, and the possibilities to trail blaze new neural pathways, are quite exciting!”