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Research nurse gives presentation on ‘successful recruitment’ at NIHR networking event

8 June 2016


Claire Prendergast, a research nurse at Harefield Hospital, presented at the Research Workforce Summer Meeting, held by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) for North West London last month.


The theme of the meeting was ‘success and innovation’, with speakers presenting on a variety of topics, including personal experience from patients on how research can be life-changing and the journey to becoming a clinical research fellow.


Nurse Claire Prendergast speaking at the NIHR event
Nurse Claire Prendergast speaking at the NIHR event

Claire’s presentation focused on an example of successful recruitment and covered strategies to help recruit and retain patients on studies. Her presentation looked at patient recruitment to the Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PPCI) Gait Speed Study, which is taking place at Harefield Hospital.


This study involves patients who have suffered heart attacks and hopes to determine whether 4-metre gait speed, measured when patients are discharged, is a predictor of poorer outcomes, further cardiovascular events and increased health resource usage.


Several barriers to successful recruitment were overcome, including short lengths of stay, ward schedules and weekend discharges. This was achieved by:


  • using nurse-led consent
  • integrated working with discharge nurses, physiologists and the wider ward team
  • introducing a four metre walk course in all applicable clinic areas.


As a result of these techniques, 560 patients have been recruited in 24 months.


The event was well attended by patients, healthcare professionals and representatives from the NIHR and several NHS trusts.