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Registrar awarded prestigious US scholarship

October 2016 

Paediatric cardiology registrar, Dr Michael Quail, joins the select list of 'Fulbrighters' after winning this year’s British Heart Foundation – Fulbright Scholar Award.


Starting in October, Dr Quail will spend one year at Yale School of Medicine’s translational research imaging centre on one of the most prestigious scholarship programmes in the world.


Dr Quail’s Fulbright scholarship aims to develop new multi-level biomarkers for cardiovascular disease at organ and molecular levels. By combining structural and functional imaging of the heart - using MRI, CT and ultrasound – with molecular imaging techniques, the goal is to develop these biomarkers for diagnostic use.


It is hoped that this research will lead in future to improved diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, aortic stenosis and myocardial infarction.


Dr Quail said: “I am extremely fortunate to have been given this opportunity and I hope to bring the skills and expertise gained during the next year back to the UK.”

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Dr Michael Quail winner of BHF Fulbright Scholarship
Dr Michael Quail, BHF Fulbright Scholar