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Genetics biobank reaches landmark

Blood samples

22 March 2012


The genetics biobank has recently collected its 2000th sample, a huge number for one Trust.


Each year, our two hospitals help more than 137,000 outpatients and more than 30,000 inpatients with complex cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. This population provides a significant opportunity for specialised sample collection and banking, essential tools to help aid research into diseases of the heart and lungs, and ultimately improve treatment, for patients.


The biobank is supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Professor Dudley Pennell, director of the cardiovascular magnetic resonance unit said:  “It is amazing to have reached the milestone of 2000 patient samples in the biobank. These donated samples, together with cutting edge research techniques and facilities, will help to increase the rate at which clinically beneficial treatments are developed for patients with heart and lung diseases.”


Samples are processed and stored, together with clinical data donated by patients undergoing treatment at the Trust. Each sample is linked to clinical data that together aids research in identifying trends and the possible causes and mechanisms of heart and lung disease, and to develop therapeutic diagnostics and treatments. A recent success in genetic research was the pinpointing of the gene responsible for one of the most common causes of inherited heart failure. This research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


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