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Café Scientifique event on bronchiectasis

October 2016

The latest café scientifique at Royal Brompton Hospital was hosted by respiratory consultant Dr Michael Loebinger and was an opportunity for patients and the wider public to explore the latest ideas into bronchiectasis, a respiratory condition where there is abnormal widening of the bronchi or their branches, causing a risk of infection. 

On Thursday 29 September, Dr Loebinger led a discussion into the future of treatments for bronchiectasis. The event was well attended with a mixture of patients and the general public. 

Cafe Scientifique - bronchiectasis

Elsie Hall-Thompson who attended the event said “When I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis, I was told that there is no reversal of the problem and no cure. So to now know that there is hope that there can be some treatment that might help with my condition is a silver lining for people like me. It is a life line out there for those like myself who suffer from bronchiectasis” 

Dr Loebinger said “These kinds of events are important in fostering better communication between doctors, researchers, patients and the public. It is a great opportunity to discuss present and future research in a friendly, informal atmosphere which is not entirely possible in clinics”

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