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Trust welcomes two new NIHR Senior Investigators

The Trust was delighted to amass two new NIHR Senior Investigators this year; Professor John Cleland, Cardiology Consultant and Professor Jadwiga Wedzicha, Respiratory Medicine Consultant.  

This award recognises only the top 200 most pre-eminent researchers and represents the country’s most outstanding leaders of clinical and applied health and social care research across UK institutions.  

Professor Jadwiga Wedzicha
Professor Wedzicha
Professor John Cleland
Professor Cleland

Senior Investigators receive an award of £15,000 per annum as a personal discretionary fund, and attract additional NIHR Research Capability Funding the Trust.  NIHR Senior Investigators form the NIHR College, a prestigious body with a programme of significant events. 

Professors Cleland and Wedzicha join current holders of these esteemed awards within the Trust.  They are:

April 2014

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