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Step into a surgeon’s shoes at Harefield Hospital’s research open day

Visitors can see how an operating theatre functions and meet leading medical experts at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust’s fifth annual heart and lung research open day on June 17. 


The event will be held at Harefield Hospital as part of a programme of centenary celebrations. Members of the public will be able to see some of the groundbreaking research carried out at the hospital during this fun and informative day.


Visitors can explore the world of surgery in a pop-up operating theatre, try their hand at making heart valves and explore how the lungs work by observing how an artificial lung ‘breathes’. 

They can find out about some of the latest heart and lung research through interactive demonstrations and by talking to clinical researchers and scientists about their work. The day will include a wide range of activities, stands and round-table discussions.


Modern operating theatre at Harefield Hospital

Visitors can also find out about the research studies that hundreds of patients and healthy volunteers participate in each year at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, with its university partner, Imperial College London, and see how this research leads to significant medical breakthroughs and the development of new treatments.


Julia Coffey, public involvement co-ordinator in the Trust’s cardiovascular biomedical research unit, said:

"Our research open days are getting bigger and better each year thanks to all the researchers and visitors who make them so informative and fun! Talking to members of the public about our research is very important and helps us become better researchers. It’s great to see the enthusiasm and hear the questions from people eager to learn more about our work."


The research open day will take place from 11.30am until 2.30pm on June 17. There will be signposts directing visitors to the event from the hospital’s main entrance. Read directions to the hospital.


For further information about the event please email research-findoutmore@rbht.nhs.uk

28 May 2015

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