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Research nurse awarded nurse training fellowship

In December 2013, Sophie Welch, cardiovascular BRU nurse, was awarded a Nurse Training Fellowship from the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure Association to explore “The views and experiences of patients, their families, the public and healthcare professionals on the use of gene therapy in the management of heart failure”. 

The study will involve groups from both the Trust and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. 

Sophie Welch

Sophie’s primary supervisor, Dr Jillian Riley, explained: “It is important to fully explore new treatment options in the management of heart failure. This includes understanding why some patients may accept gene therapy whilst others don’t. This is likely to relate to the way in which they hear about novel treatments as well as their own experience of living with, and managing, their heart failure. This study will help us tailor health education and information to better support patients in making decisions about their treatment.” 

December 2013

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