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Research for Patient Benefit (RfPB) grant for pulmonary rehabilitation study

Building on successful research applications in 2012-13, Dr William Man, Consultant Chest Physician, was awarded a £250K NIHR Research for Patient Benefit grant for: “Improving uptake of post-hospitalisation pulmonary rehabilitation using a patient designed video”. 

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a supervised lung fitness programme that consists of exercise training and education designed to improve the breathing, quality of life and walking ability of patients with long term lung problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  

Surveys however suggest that high number of eligible COPD patients decline this treatment.  Dr Man’s team themselves conducted interviews in such patients which revealed that many did not understand what pulmonary rehabilitation involved and were scared that they were too ill to exercise.  

Dr Will Man does a talk on pulmonary rehabilitation
This award will allow Dr William Man and his team to build a programme of educational material designed to help support these patients in their decision to have pulmonary rehabilitation, using patients like them who have gone through pulmonary rehabilitation before.  The research will comprise of three parts: 

  1. A series of patient/staff events to design an educational video, using patient interviews, to explain what PR involves; 
  2. A small practice study where COPD patients, on the day of discharge from hospital, receive usual care or the specially designed video. The video will be played in 2 different ways (through the bedside media systems, or through a nurse with a tablet computer). The proportion of patients in each group agreeing to post-hospitalisation PR will be analysed PR; 
  3. One to-one interviews with patients/staff to determine acceptability of the video and preferred delivery mode. 


The team working alongside Dr Man in this 2 year study includes Dr Sharon Fleming (senior nurse), Mr Stuart Green (project manager), Ms Sarah Jones (physiotherapist), Winston Banya (statistician), Dr Mimi Haselden (lead clinician at Hillingdon) Professor Derek Bell (head of CLAHRC NW London) Dr Joanne Lord (health economist)

August 2014

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