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Nurses influence new international heart failure initiative

Cardiovascular BRU nurses, Sophie Welch and Rebecca Wassall, helped launch an international initiative at the Heart Failure Association Congress in Seville, Spain, at the end of May.

Heart failure specialists of Tomorrow (HoT) is a platform for interdisciplinary professionals working with heart failure patients from bench to bedside, which includes doctors, nurses, basic scientists and allied health professionals. It aims to provide education, training, funding opportunities, international networking, collaboration on international research projects and supporting career development.

Future plans also plan to include clinical and research mentorship across all disciplines.

CBRU nurses Sophie Welch and Rebecca Wassall HoT initiative
Rebecca Wassall and Sophie Welch at Heart Failure Congress in Spain

Sophie and Rebecca ran a stand at the congress to raise the profile of HoT and successfully recruited over 100 new members. Sophie Welch was recently appointed as HoT committee member, supported by Rebecca Wassall as nurse representative. Sophie and Rebecca’s roles are to improve recruitment and represent heart failure nurses in developing the HoT initiative.


Sophie said: “Nurses have an invaluable role in delivering evidence-based care, leading specialist services and co-ordinating clinical research to improve patient outcomes. The HoT initiative offers a unique opportunity for nurses to develop these roles through collaboration with international multidisciplinary teams. 

"Our goal is to support nurses to initiate new collaborative projects, develop their expertise and competence to support career progression. A ‘HoT’ nurse will learn and develop through access to education, clinical and scientific events, fellowship and grants, and networking with experts in the field. For this to become a reality we need to evidence a strong nursing interest to support a larger presence at events and underpin future funding opportunities”

More information on the HoT initiative can be found here and by contacting Sophie Welch

July 2015

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