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Imperial College London Medical Sciences Summer School

Dr Craig Batista, clinical fellow for the NIHR Respiratory BRU took part in delivering a session around respiratory diseases at the Imperial College London Medical Sciences Summer School

The event organised by Exscitec, a provider of STEM outreach activities for students, involved 16 and 17 year old school students and included sessions from different fields including engineering and business.

Dr Craig Batista, whose research includes looking at the defective nature of innate immunity in COPD, delivered an interactive, hands-on session on lung diseases and the equipment used to measure different aspects of lung function. These included demonstrations of NIV machines, chest drains, spirometry and a video of a bronchoscopy procedure. 

Dr Batista said “I thoroughly enjoyed delivering this session to a highly motivated and captivating audience of school students, who will soon be embarking on undergraduate degrees in medicine and science. Their level of knowledge on lung physiology and related conditions was outstanding. It was also especially interesting to hear their experiences of other STEM activities. I hope I will be invited back to deliver another session and I look forward to no doubt meeting some of the students on a professional level in the future. I must also thank Dr Adam Loveridge (National Heart & Lung Institute, Imperial College London) for his help preparing and delivering this session”

August 2014

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