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Genetics lab tour for respiratory patient representatives

In July, the respiratory BRU patient representatives, of which we are members, were given a tour of the clinical genetics laboratories at the hospital.

We have all heard about DNA testing and genetics but very few of us have an understanding of what that means, fortunately Dr Deborah Morris-Rosendahl does! 

Dr Morris-Rosendahl manages the clinical genetic labs and she enriched our visit by giving us a layman's explanation of every aspect of the lab from the growing profession of bioinformatics to how samples are stored and tested, diagnoses made and the interaction with clinicians. 

It was a privilege to enter a patient-free area and get an insight to what happens within this dedicated team.

The cardiovascular genetics research laboratory, out of which the clinical genetics laboratory grew, is led by Professor Stuart Cook and is a joint venture by Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and Imperial College London. The clinical diagnostics laboratory provides patients with improved access to genetic tests and enables much quicker gene testing for those clinically diagnosed with (or a family member who is at risk of) an inherited heart or lung condition.

We hope to hear more about the exciting research that takes place in the labs over the next few years.

Written by Lydia Parbury and Lehanne Sergison (carer/patient representatives) 

August 2015

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