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Café scientifique event on pulmonary hypertension

Cafe scientifique pulmonary hypertension 2016

Café scientifiques at Royal Brompton Hospital are an opportunity for patients and the wider public to explore the latest ideas and research into respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. 

On Wednesday 27 January, Dr John Wort, clinical lead for pulmonary hypertension at Royal Brompton Hospital, led a discussion into treatments and the future of research into pulmonary hypertension. The event was well attended with a mixture of patients and the general public. 

Jocelyn Barker who attended the event said “I attended the Cafe Scientifique talk about pulmonary hypertension and really enjoyed the evening, the informal setting made it easy to relax and ask questions. Dr Wort presented excellent information describing the various forms of pulmonary hypertension, the treatments available and the research into future treatments that may even have a preventative element. I went away feeling informed and encouraged, so a huge thank you to everyone involved, but particularly to Dr Wort.” 

Dr Wort said “I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I can see that these events are so important to encourage better communication between doctors, patients and the public. It is particularly important to be able to discuss present and future research in a friendly, informal atmosphere; this is often impossible in a clinic setting.” 

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February 2016 


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