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Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
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Samples being dispensed from a pipette

Our research

Finding better ways of looking after patients and keeping people healthy.

Research into cardiovascular and respiratory medicine is central to the Trust’s mission and our starting point is the needs of the patients we treat every day. By investigating the causes of their conditions and testing new ways of diagnosing and treating them, we have been responsible for many significant medical advances which have been taken up across the NHS and beyond.

Research at the Trust is usually carried out by the same doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who treat our patients.

For more information on how patient information may be used for research, visit the Health Research Authority website.

A respiratory patient and doctor
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Scan of a patient's lungs
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Watch this video of people talking about their experience of being involved in clinical research 

(NIHR New Media Competition prize winner 2013)