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Lung failure


Trust researchers with an active programme in lung failure research are:


Dr Matthew Hind: stem and regenerative therapies for advanced lung diseases; cellular and molecular mechanisms of lung development and regeneration.  


Professor Michael Polkey, Dr Nick Hopkinson and Dr Will Man: all aspects of chronic obstructive lung disease including diagnosis and treatment, the role of skeletal muscle dysfunction, pulmonary rehabilitation, lung reduction surgery and other related minimally invasive procedures; diaphragm physiology and pulmonary mechanics; respiratory disease related to neurological disease. In addition Professor Polkey and team collaborate more widely within the London Respiratory Muscle Group.


Dr Pallav Shah: the role of novel bronchoscopic treatments in airways diseases including devices to achieve bronchoscopic lung volume reduction and stents to create collateral airways; bronchial thermoplasty in moderate to severe asthma; early diagnosis and staging of lung cancer.


Dr Anita Simonds: non-invasive ventilation in acute and chronic respiratory failure and neuromuscular diseases such as Duchene muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy; sleep disordered breathing in the elderly and in heart failure.


Dr Mary Morrell: the causes and consequences of sleep disordered breathing; cardiovascular and neurological consequences of sleep apnoea particularly in those with pre-existing heart disease and the elderly.


More information about our research in lung failure is available from our list of active research studies in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and sleep medicine and ventilation therapy and our publications web pages.


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