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Nuclear medicine

EDTA blood test

An EDTA test is used to assess the function of your kidneys through a series of blood tests. EDTA refers to the name of the substance that you will receive by injection. EDTA contains a small amount of radioactive material. This allows it to act as a tracer which will show the kidney function.


If you require other blood tests on this day, we may also do these at the same time. Depending on what information is required from the test, you will then be asked to return to the department for one blood test in three hours time, or blood tests at two, three and four hours after injection.


The technician doing the test for you will let you know when you need to return. 


Please drink several cups of fluid on the morning of your test. These can be tea, coffee, water or another drink of your choice. There is no restriction on what food you can eat.

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