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Patient leaflets

Easy Read
Easy Read leaflets

Patient information leaflets are general guides to help patients understand specific conditions, treatments or tests. 

The information does not replace the need for individual advice from a healthcare professional.

If you have any questions, please ask your consultant or other healthcare professional when you visit us for your consultation, treatment or procedure.

Patient information library

application/pdfAfter your primary angioplasty - Harefield Hospital - Oct 2017 (446KB)
 This leaflet gives you general information to support your recovery after your primary angioplasty.
application/pdfAntenatal advice for mothers about breastfeeding (37KB)
 Royal Brompton Hospital - information on the benefits of breastfeeding for pregnant women. Feb 2006
application/pdfAre you visiting the UK - Find out if you have to pay for your hospital treatment - Feb 2015 (285KB)
 This leaflet gives visitors to the UK information about how to find out if you have to pay for your hospital treatment
application/pdfAzathioprine monitoring - November 2017 (628KB)
 This leaflet gives you general information on azathioprine monitoring.
application/pdfBalloon aortic valvuloplasty - Harefield Hospital - May 2017 (459KB)
 This leaflet explains what happens when you have a balloon aortic valvuloplasty (BAV).
application/pdfBefore your lung surgery (2.41MB)
application/pdfBereavement support - July 2016 (398KB)
 The bereavement support booklet contains some practical advice and information about support groups following the death of a loved one.
application/pdfBronchiectasis (349KB)
 Information for patients - April 2008
application/pdfCandida auris – a patient's guide – March 2016 (162KB)
 This leaflet gives you general information about Candida auris – a type of micro-organism (germ).
application/pdfCardiac catheterisation (for children) - July 2015 (1.33MB)
 This leaflet gives parents and carers general information about cardiac catheterisation for their children.
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