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Patient leaflets

Patient information leafletsĀ are general guides to help patients understand specific conditions, treatments or tests. The information does not replace the need for individual advice from a healthcare professional. If you have any questions, please ask your consultant or other healthcare professional when you visit usĀ for your consultation, treatment or procedure.

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Patient leaflets

application/pdfAtrial fibrillation - Easy Read (200KB)
application/pdfAzathioprine monitoring - Jan 2011 (229KB)
 This booklet provides some information about your medicine. It is not intended to be exhaustive and should not be used as a substitute for consulting your clinician on any particular issue. If you...
application/pdfBefore your lung surgery (your stay in hospital for lung surgery) - Oct 2013 (482KB)
 This booklet gives you some general information on what happens before your lung surgery and what to expect when you come into hospital.
application/pdfBereavement support - Jan 2012 (232KB)
 The bereavement support booklet contains some practical advice and information about support groups following the death of a loved one.
application/pdfBringing your medicines to hospital with you - May 2012 (770KB)
application/pdfBronchoscopy - Easy Read (258KB)
application/pdfCardiac rehabilitation - Easy Read (266KB)
application/pdfCardiopulmonary exercise test (787KB)
 This leaflet gives information about your cardiopulmonary exercise test at Royal Brompton Hospital - September 2010
application/pdfChildren on long term assisted ventilation at home - Oct 2011 (175KB)
 A general guide to help carers and healthcare teams work together to plan the space and equipment to use at home.
application/pdfChronic obstructive pulmonary disease - Easy Read (305KB)
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