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Active cycle of breathing techniques (ACBT)

The ACBT is an airway clearance technique that combines relaxed breathing with deep thoracic expansions and the forced expiration technique, or huff. It is performed in a flexible way using a repetitive cycle to clear mucous from the lungs.

utogenic drainage (AD)

Autogenic drainage is an airway clearance technique which uses optimal expiratory airflow to move mucous from deep in the lungs to airways closer to the mouth, promoting mucous clearance with minimal effort and coughing.

Positive expiratory pressure (PEP) mask

The PEP mask is an airway clearance technique which provides a resistance during expiration to enhance the mobilisation of mucous and, in combination with the forced expiration technique (or huff), is used to facilitate airway clearance.

Acapella and flutter 

Acapella and flutter are hand-held oscillatory airway clearance devices designed to create a vibration within the lungs on expiration. This vibration, accompanied by resistance within the device, helps to mobilise secretions in the lungs and assists clearance when accompanied by the forced expiration technique, or huff. 



The nasal potential difference (NPD) test

The NPD test measures how well salts (sodium and chloride) flow across the mucous membranes in the nose. This can be helpful to diagnose cystic fibrosis.

Transition to adult care

What patients and their families can expect when they move from paediatric to adult care.

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