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24-hour blood pressure monitor test

What is 24-hour blood pressure monitor test? 

The test measures your blood pressure at different times over a 24-hour period. An inflatable cuff is secured around your arm and connected to a small monitoring device. The cuff will inflate and deflate at regular intervals over a 24-hour period to measure and record your blood pressure. You do not need to stay in hospital and you can continue with your normal daily activities during the test.

Why do I need a 24-hour blood pressure monitor test?

It is normal for blood pressure to change during the day due to anxiety. exercise, sleep or any blood pressure medication you may take. As a result, taking a single blood pressure measurement in the clinic is not always a very accurate way of checking your blood pressure.

The test will give your doctor more detailed information about your blood pressure, if you need medication or if your current medication is working well enough.

How is the monitor fitted?

It is a good idea to wear a loose-fitting top or shirt to your appointment as this makes it easier to fit the monitor. A cardiac physiologist will fit the inflatable cuff on the arm of your choice. It should sit comfortably around your arm so please reposition it if needed. If the cuff moves during the monitoring period, the results may not be accurate. The cuff is connected to a small monitor that stores the test results. You will wear the monitor around your waist clipped into a belt or waistband. It takes about 20 minutes to fit the cuff and monitor.

Read more about the 24-hour blood pressure monitor in our patient information leaflets below. 

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