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Rose ward

Rose Ward at Royal Brompton Hospital specialises in the care of babies and children up to the age of 16, with heart and lung problems, who may need medical treatment or surgical repair.


We believe children respond best if all their needs are met and we encourage parents and families to stay with their child and join them on the ward when they wish to. 


This helps to make younger patients feel secure and it means their parents are involved in their treatment at all stages.


The ward is bright, friendly and welcoming to children and their families. 


Watch our video guided tour of the ward made by one of our patients.

When you reach the ward


Please report to the nurses’ station. Your child’s bed will normally be ready but if not we have a waiting room and playroom where you can wait.


When the bed is ready a nurse will discuss what your child’s stay will involve and talk through the admission paper work with you.

Mealtimes for children


  • Breakfast: 8:30am-9:30am (served at bays)
  • Lunch: 12:30pm-13:30pm (served from playroom)
  • Tea: 17:00pm-18:00pm (served from playroom)


Read more about our cafe and restaurant facilities for families and visitors.

The medical team


Throughout your child’s stay on the ward their consultant will lead their care in partnership with the medical team. In addition, a senior nurse leads a large team of nurses, most of whom have been specifically trained in children’s care and have taken further qualifications in the specialised management of children with heart and lung problems.


Our other specialists, including cardiac and respiratory specialist nurses, psychologists,  physiotherapists, hospital play-specialists, cardiac liaison nurses, occupational therapists and family liaison managers will also assist and advise on your children’s management and care.


Dietitians visit the ward daily from Monday to Friday. If there are concerns about your child’s growth or weight gain, they can provide advice to help. Dietitians work closely with speech and language therapists and sometimes clinical psychologists if there are more complex issues preventing your child from eating, drinking, or growing appropriately.


Senior nurse: Liz Biggart

Education and play


In addition to the children’s medical needs,  we make sure their education and development is a priority.  A primary and secondary school service enables your child to keep upto date with his or her schooling while in hospital. The hospital teachers will liaise with your child’s home school teachers to allow them continuity in their schooling. Read more about our school facilities.

Play is also an important aspect of our approach. The ward has a large
well-equipped playroom, which is run by qualified hospital play specialists. In addition to keeping the children occupied, these staff members will also help ensure that the children are fully prepared for their experiences in hospital.

We also recognise the needs of our patients' families: catering facilities, quiet rooms and overnight accommodation, including family rooms and
self-contained flats are all provided, although limited.

Accommodation for parents


You are welcome to stay with your child overnight. On Rose ward it is possible for one parent to sleep on a fold-up bed next to their child as long as this does not affect the care the nurses need to give.


Rooms for parents are available on level 6, Sydney Wing and in South Parade, Fulham Road Wing.  Unfortunately brothers and sisters are not able to stay in the facilities on level 6 due to health and safety regulations. Read more about this accommodation


There are also three family flats in Fulham Road for families who want to have their other children staying with them.


All rooms have an internal telephone so that we can contact you during the night if necessary.




You may stay with your child for as long as you want to although we need to ask you to limit the number of other visitors. Only two people are allowed
by bedside at any time. This is because too many people around a bed at one time can make it difficult for us to nurse your child or the other children close by.


Parents have 24 hour access to the ward. Extended family, including children and supporting adults can stay between 12pm and 6pm every day.

Children can use the playroom but we do ask that an adult supervises them.


Anyone who has an infection (such as a cold, sore throat or tummy bug) should not visit the ward (please check with a member of staff if you are unsure).


As children recovering from procedures require their rest, we aim to switch off televisions/videos in the bays by 9pm.


Hot drinks are allowed on the ward but they must have a secure lid.


There is a 'swipe card' security system for entering Rose ward and cards are available for parents.

Contacting us from home


If you’re concerned about your child before or after surgery, please call the cardiac or respiratory specialist nurses between the hours of 9am to 5pm.   


Cardiac specialist - 020 7349 7727


Respiratory specialist - 020 7351 8714


Outside those hours, please call your GP or go to your local accident and emergency department.

Further information


The information on this page is in our leaflet 'Your child's stay in hospital', which you can download at the right.


We also have a variety of other information leaflets regarding our children's services available for download.


Read about the paediatrics intensive care unit.

Read about the paediatrics department.

You can also read about the paediatrics department in our healthcare professionals section.
Trust patient Nikita Woods

Royal Brompton

Sydney Street,
London SW3 6NP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7352 8121


Rose ward 

Level 4, Sydney wing,
Royal Brompton Hospital SW3 6NP

Contact details 

Tel: +44 (0)20 7351 8588

Bed numbers


27 ward beds, four high-dependency beds, and four beds in the sleep and ventilation centre

Coming to Royal Brompton Hospital

Information to help you prepare for your visit

"Amazing service! What incredible professors, doctors, nurses and other staff. My four year old son was treated for emphysema in Rose ward and I will remain grateful to every single member of the team for the care, affection and high standard of service they have given to us."
- Review on NHS Choices, May 2016