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Royal Brompton chaplaincy


Providing spiritual, pastoral
and religious care to patients,
to their relatives and carers.


Caring for the spirit

The multifaith chaplaincy team provides spiritual, pastoral and religious care to patients, relatives and carers, as well as staff and visitors.

The team has contacts with local faith leaders of all the major world faiths, and is very happy to refer to an appropriate person when a request is made.


The multifaith chaplaincy team is here to support people of all faiths or none. You do not have to have an active religious faith to be able to access this service.


All our group activities are similarly open to anyone of any background.


We care for the spirit by providing:

  • regular ward visiting

  • a confidential listening resource

  • pastoral and spiritual care

  • prayer and meditation

  • religious services at the bedside (e.g. bedside communion, emergency baptism)

  • the laying on of hands and anointing

  • a chapel, quiet room and multi-faith prayer room

  • bereavement support

  • local contacts for all the major world faiths

  • 24/7 emergency on-call cover.

Members of the chaplaincy team are on site from Sunday to Thursday.


Referrals can be made:

Spiritual spaces


These provide places of tranquillity for prayer, meditation and reflection:

  • the chapel: Sydney Wing (level 2), next to the stairs leading to the cafeteria.

  • the multi-faith prayer room: Sydney Wing (level 2), opposite the Chapel.

  • the quiet room: Fulham Wing (level 2), on Victoria Ward.


See details of local places of worship

Chaplaincy groups


Groups for patients, relatives, staff and visitors of all faith or none:


Location: The Chapel, Level 2, Sydney Street


The Sunday service - 2.30 to 3pm

This is an informal, short reflective service of 30 minutes each Sunday. It consists of hymns or songs, prayers, bible reading and a talk.


We follow the set gospel reading that is usually common to all the main churches.


There is an opportunity to receive communion from the reserved sacrament and the sacrament of healing at the end of the service if you wish.


The Christian Fellowship - Tuesdays 1 to 1.50pm

This group is open to everyone and meets for 50 minutes. It consists of bible study and prayer. We follow a set programme which either looks in depth at a particular book of the bible or at a particular theme of Christian faith.


Healing Eucharist - Thursdays 1 to 1.30pm

This service is focused on praying for healing for ourselves and our loved ones. We also pray for healing and peace in the Church, creation and between nations. We remember the work of this Trust and hospital, its staff, care and research.

There is also an opportunity to receive the laying on of hands, anointing.


Meditation for relaxation - Thursdays 2 to 3pm

Guided mindfulness meditation, led by Buddhist or Christian chaplains. Meditation enables us to develop calm, transformation and insight. It also helps us understand and manage our emotions and stress.


In this session there is:

  • introduction to mediation (5 minutes)

  • guided meditation (30-140 minutes)

  • question & answer / discussion (5 minutes).


Location: The Quiet Room, Level 2, Fulham Road


The Sunday Service - Sundays 3.30-4pm

Hymns, prayers, bible reading and a talk (as above).


Meditation for relaxation - Tuesdays 2-3pm

Guided mindfulness meditation, led by Buddhist or Christian chaplains (as above).


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