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Royal Brompton Hospital and Harefield Hospital
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Matthew Johnson - Macmillan CNS in cancer

Macmillan lead cancer nurse

Matthew Johnson


Clinical nurse specialists

Michael Evans (Royal Brompton)
Kate Fitzgerald (Royal Brompton)

Julia Beeson (Harefield)

Jean Austin (Harefield)


The clinical nurse specialists are available between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

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Macmillan cancer nurse specialist, Julia Beeson, with a patient
We see patients who are referred to the Trust with symptoms that might indicate a cancer, as well as patients who have a known cancer diagnosis and who come to Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals for specific treatments.

About half of the patients we see have a primary lung cancer. However, we also see patients with different cancers types. For example, patients may have a primary cancer of the bowel or breast which is affecting the chest. 

We provide high-quality, up-to-date information about cancer, whilst helping patients with practical and emotional support.  We work closely with the clinical nurse specialists in supportive and palliative care, and our hospital colleagues who refer patients for treatment at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, and in the community, to ensure that care is
co-ordinated when you move between different organisations. At Royal Brompton Hospital, we work closely with The Royal Marsden and University College Hospitals to treat patients with sarcomas that are affecting the chest. 

As patients are generally referred on from other general and specialist hospitals, an important aspect of the care the Macmillan Cancer nursing team offer is liaising with the teams at the referring hospitals to ensure that care is as seamless as possible. 

Contact details


Royal Brompton Hospital

Matthew Johnson

020 7532 8121 x 4710 or 07531 978548



Michael Evans
020 7532 8121 x 4134 or bleep 7068


Harefield Hospital 

Julia Beeson
01895 828989 or 01895 823737, bleep 6181


Jean Austin

01895 828989



Royal Brompton

Sydney Street,
London SW3 6NP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7352 8121


"The Royal Brompton care I received was excellent in every way. My Macmillan clinical nurse specialist is superb."
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