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Mr Babulal Sethia

Mr Babulal Sethia

Consultant cardiac surgeon


Areas of expertise

Mr Babulal Sethia is a consultant cardiac surgeon at Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. He is passionate about training overseas and sharing best practice with others.


He believes that his role is to treat those with congenital heart disease, no matter where they live in the world.

International reputation

Mr Sethia has travelled the world to help local medical teams develop their expertise so they can better help their patients.


 "I see it as a two-way benefit as we learn a lot from them and also get access to patients with diseases we don't see in the UK. This is essential for our continuing research into congenital heart disease."
Mr Babulal Sethia

He understands the expertise Royal Brompton Hospital has in setting up programmes and how they can make major contributions to the wellbeing of people around the world.


For over 13 years, Mr Sethia has visited Palestine regularly, developing a surgical programme and congential heart service unit for children.

Collaborating with colleagues from Italy, Belgium, New Zealand and the US, Mr Sethia works with the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. With them, he operates on children with heart disease in his spare time. 


 "We treat around 200-250 children a year and over the years have helped develop local skills. There is now a self-supporting team of trained nurses, anaesthetists and cardiologists in Palestine."
 Mr Babulal Sethia


A group from Royal Brompton Hospital is working with Bous-Ismali children's hospital near Algiers to deliver modern standards of paediatric cardiology and surgery. This includes monthly visits to Algeria by a multidisciplinary team, at the request of the Algerian Ministry of Health.


This has also provided the opportunity for children with more complicated heart problems to be treated at Royal Brompton Hospital.


Mr Sethia volunteers with Chain of Hope - a London-based charity, helping children with life-threatening diseases overseas. In 2006 and 2007, he went to Brazil with ten physicians and nurses to develop local expertise to treat patients with complex congenital heart disease. 


 "In the area there are 800 children a year needing treatment and only 70 receiving it. It is essential to have established local teams so children don't have to travel overseas for surgery."
 Mr Babulal Sethia


Mr Sethia has not only worked with international teams, but has also collaborated with teams from:

  • Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

  • Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Working at and with these other institutions has given Mr Sethia a fresh perspective of working with international teams. He sees it as a way to better understand what other institutions do. He also sees it as a way to broaden the hospital's own experiences and to new ways of doing things.


 "Working overseas also helps to maintain the reputation of Royal Brompton as a centre of excellence and education. This means that the brightest and keenest people will continue to come and train with us."
 Mr Babulal Sethia

Teaching and conferences

Mr Sethia speaks at various international conferences on congenital heart disease, giving lectures in:

  • Spain

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Iran

  • Switzerland

  • India

He has published many papers in key international publications such as the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery.