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Professor Sujal Desai

Consultant radiologist

Professor of practice (Thoracic imaging) National Heart and Lung Institute


Professor Sujal Desai is a consultant radiologist with an expertise in thoracic imaging.    

Education and training

Professor Desai trained in medicine at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School in London, qualifying in 1987. As senior house officer, Professor Desai spent time at Royal Brompton Hospital and, after completing the MRCP (UK), he entered formal radiology training at King’s College Hospital Medical School.  


Professor Desai was awarded the Frank Doyle Medal for achievement in the Part I FRCR examination and the Rohan Williams Medal for the Part II FRCR examination. Following core radiology training Professor Desai undertook research at Royal Brompton Hospital, under the supervision of Professor David Hansell (his predecessor in the post he now holds), being awarded an MD for his thesis on structural-functional correlations in fibrosing lung disease. 


Professor Desai was previously a consultant at King’s College Hospital in London where he worked for 18 years before returning to Royal Brompton Hospital. 

In September 2018, Professor Desai was promoted to professor of practice (Thoracic imaging) at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London - in recognition of his academic contributions and achievements in his field. 

Clinical expertise and research interests


Professor Desai has clinical expertise and research interests in: 

  • Diffuse interstitial lung disease
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)
  • Pulmonary infections/HIV   



  • Fellow, Royal College of Physicians
  • Fellow, Royal College of Radiologists
  • Member, British Society of Thoracic Imaging
  • Member, European Society of Thoracic Imaging
  • Associate Member, Society of Thoracic Radiology
  • Member, The Fleischner Society

He is currently a Deputy Editor for European Radiology and an Associate Editor for The Journal of Thoracic Imaging. Professor Desai is a Past-President of the European Society of Thoracic Imaging and a member of The Fleischner Society. 


Professor Desai holds a number of teaching positions for a number of courses, including: 

  • Director, King’s Part II FRCR Course
  • King’s College London, MBBS Written Assessment Lead
  • Co-director / founder, BIR / DMCI ‘Hands-On’ Training Series
  • Co-director, The London Advanced Course in Cardiac Imaging 



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