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Dr David Cummins

Consultant haematologist

Lead clinician, department of pathology


Areas of expertise

Dr Cummins is an expert in non-malignant clinical and laboratory haematology and conducts research into blood transfusion safety and blood component use.

Other responsibilities

Honorary senior lecturer, UCLH Medical School, London. Clinical tutor, Harefield Hospital until March 2002. Research work undertaken in the 1980s into the pathogenesis of Lassa fever.

Key published papers

  • Offman J, Opelz G, Doehler B, Cumins D, Halil O, Banner N.R, Burke M.M, Sullivan D, Macpherson P & Karran P. Defective DNA mismatch repair in acute myeloid leukemia/myelodysplastic syndrome after organ transplantation. Blood, 1 August 2004, Vol. 104. No 3, pp822-828.


  • Cummins D, Sharp S, Vartanian M, Dawson D, Amin S & Halil O. The BCSH guideline on addressograph labels: experience at a cardiothoracic centre and findings of a telephone survey. Transfusion Medicine 2000;10:117-120


  • Cummins D, Sekar M, Halil O & Banner N. Myelosuppression associated with azathioprine-allopurinol interaction after heart and lung transplantation. Transplantation 1996;61:1661-1162


  • Cummins D, Contreras M, Amin S, Halil O, Downham B & Yacoub MH. Red cell alloantibody development associated with heart and lung transplantation. Transplantation 1995;59:1432-1435


  • Cummins D, McCormick JB, Bennett D, Samba JA, Machin SJ & Fisher-Hoch SP. Acute sensorineural deafness in Lassa fever. Journal of the American Medical Association 1990;264:2093-2096.


  • Cummins D, Fisher-Hoch SP, Walshe KJ, Mackie IJ, McCormick JB, Bennett D, Perez G, Farrar B & Machin SJ. A plasma inhibitor of platelet aggregation in patients with Lassa fever. British Journal of Haematology 1989

Contact details

Tel:01895 828875
Fax: 01895 823316
Email: d.cummins@rbht.nhs.uk
Personal assistant's tel: 01895 823737 Ext. 5725




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Middlesex, UB9 6JH
Tel: +44(0)1895 82 37 37

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