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Brompton cardiac morphology


Practicalities and controversies in the treatment of congenital heart disease course.   2016 - Date to be confirmed      



2016 - Date to be confirmed


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National Heart and Lung Institute.

Royal Brompton Hospital  

Dovehouse Street

London, SW3 6LY, UK



  • Olivier Ghez

  • Francois Lacour-Gayet

  • Hideki Uemura
  • S. Yen Ho





Nowadays it is a fashionable trend to investigate scientific trials on the basis of large cohort and mass-analysis.


Practicalities, nonetheless, remain crucial for medical staff who face patients with congenital heart disease on a regular basis.


Not only clinically difficult conditions but also relatively common or ‘simple’ malformations could provide real controversies in diagnosis and management. Fundamental and vital concepts can be overlooked when there is too much emphasis on frontier work.


With these issues in mind, we have designed this course to cover one defect each day.


Starting with a firm base for understanding the congenital heart malformation, and expanding towards practical details, discussions and interactive sessions.


The course builds on concepts that are not always apparent and considers the diverse factors that can be sought for better and safer clinical practice.


Topics - subject to change 

Day 1: Double Outlet Right Ventricle

The malformation, imaging, surgery and management


Day 2: The Pulmonary Valve

Pulmonary stenosis/atresia with intact septum; pulmonary valve in Fallot; imaging, intervention, surgery, management; interactive sessions



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