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Paediatric cardiac morphology

The cardiac morphology unit at Royal Brompton Hospital specialises in the structure of the heart from the fetus through to adulthood. It is an internationally recognised centre for research and education in congenital heart disease ("holes in the heart").

Our mission: To help in the understanding of congenital and pathological cardiac anatomy.


Cardiac morphology at the Royal Brompton Hospital has a long tradition of providing educational resources such as hands-on short courses and training for health care professionals; research – translational and observational; and diagnostic analysis of complex cardiac cases.

"Hands-on Cardiac Morphology" course

Our long-established "Hands-on Cardiac Morphology" course is fundamental to all health professionals who care for patients with congenital heart disease and attracts participants from all over the world. 


Paediatric cardiac morphology runs various courses during the year, many of which are in association with other departments.


Courses include cardiac morphology applied to cross-sectional imaging, congenital heart disease in fetal, paediatric and adult patients, cardiac surgery and cardiac electrophysiology. 







  • Third annual exam-orientated congenital echocardiography course

       Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 November 2015




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