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Imaging at Harefield Hospital

Meet the team

Imaging services manager 


Juliette Tenant



Dr Simon Padley, director of radiology

Dr Paras Dalal MRCP FRCR, lead for thoracic and oncology imaging

Dr Tarun K Mittal MD FRCR, lead for cardiac CT

Dr Evangelos Skondras  consultant cardiothoracic radiologist 

Professor Dudley Pennell, head of heart assessment

Professor Richard Underwood, lead for nuclear medicine

Dr Joyce Wong MRCP, lead for cardiac MRI

Dr Georgia Keramida, consultant in nuclear medicine

Dr Shelley Rahman Haley MRCP, lead for echocardiography 

PACS manager

Mr Adam Bell

Imaging at Harefield

The imaging department at Harefield Hospital is a progressive and modern department specialising in whole sprectrum of cardiac, thoracic and non-invasive vascular imaging. It provides specialist imaging service to support cardiology, thoracic medicine, cardiac and thoracic surgery respiratory including heart and lung transplantation. 

The department provides secondary and tertiary services to local as well as wider population. It is one of the largest cardiac imaging department in UK in clinical activity and also has active research programmes. 


The department performs chest radiography (including some general radiography), fluoroscopic procedures, ultrasound (US) and Doppler scans, echocardiography, nuclear medicine (both cardiac and non-cardiac), multi-slice computed tomography (MSCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning related to above specialities. We also perform US and MSCT-guided thoracic and other invasive procedures.


Radiofrequency ablation of lung tumours is performed under CT guidance.


Catheter laboratories are located within and managed by the imaging department with most of the procedures being performed by the cardiologists. PET-CT service is provided for Harefield patients at an external site.


The department is equipped with Agfa Impax system with access to all imaging from anywhere within the Trust.


The department undertakes both NHS and private work.

Featured in the press

As part of the Channel 4 primetime documentary ‘How to Lose Weight Well’, presenter Dr Alexander van Tulleken visited Harefield to speak with consultant cardiothoracic radiologist Dr Paras Dalal, ‘an expert in radiofrequency’, to understand how radio waves can be used to reduce tumours in patients.

Watch on 4od

With thanks to Channel 4.

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