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Research and development

Groundbreaking research is carried out throughout the Trust to improve our understanding and treatment of common and rare diseases of the heart and lungs. We are driven by the clinical needs of patients and work closely with our academic research partners such as Imperial College, London.

Research and Development

Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit (BRU)

The Cardiovascular BRU (CV-BRU) is now some 10 months old. In this time, plans for a major research facility on the ground floor of Royal Brompton Hospital have been completed with the installation of an interventional 3T cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) scanner positioned next to an interventional catheter laboratory. This will allow high-resolution high-field CMR of patients undergoing interventional procedures, using radio waves instead of potentially harmful X-rays.

Developing cardiovascular genetics

The facility is designed for children and adults and will also contain interview rooms for the development of cardiovascular genetics. This rapidly growing field is relevant to all aspects of cardiology, as more is understood about the genetic drivers of both rare (single genes with large effects) and common (multiple genes with small additive effects) diseases. The new area should be open by summer 2010.

The BRU team

A CV-BRU manager has been appointed and joins the Trust in July 2009. The post-holder has extensive research management experience and has worked with NIHR (National Institute for Health Research). Dr Stuart Cook has joined Royal Brompton as consultant in cardiovascular genetics to advance the clinical genetics service and research. Three new research nurses and a new senior research physicist have also joined the team. A Biobank manager and a database manager are also being recruited.

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