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Information and telecommunications systems


Moving towards a near paperless environment

Information and Telecommunications Systems

Our IT strategy

The main aim of the Trust’s IT strategy is to continue integrating services between the two hospital sites and, by 2013, to offer such a wide range of computer-based systems that a near paperless environment is possible. Central to this is the EPR System.

Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

Work continues on the development of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. This will allow all patient information to be consolidated into one computer system accessible anywhere within the Trust. To date, patient details, consultant details, pathology results and images, such as X-rays and MRI scans, are available via the system. In the coming year the range of clinical information available will continue to be expanded.

A new state-of-the-art PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) went live this year which stores x-rays and other images electronically. The new system will, for the first time, enable the electronic storage of cardiac catheterisation images.

A new Intensive Care System (ICIP) has also been introduced at both sites.

Connecting for Health (CfH)

CfH is a national government initiative offering a significant range of common application systems so that patient information can be shared more easily across all NHS organisations, under secure conditions, to improve patient care and services.

In the past year the Trust-wide theatre management system and a new order communications system, which started its rollout in 07/08, have been consolidated. The system allows clinical staff to place diagnostic orders electronically.

Roll-out of an electronic staff rostering system was completed at both sites this year cutting down on data duplication and errors.

Improving patient identification and safety

Continued progress was made on a major project to further enhance patient identification methods this year.

Wrist band bar coding of patients - which links directly to the bar coding of inpatient and outpatient diagnostic samples - ensures a safer environment for patients. This is achieved using the wireless data network which has recently been installed at the Trust.

Choose and Book

Choose and Book, the national electronic patient appointment system, continues to provide patients with choice for appointments made by GPs. As a tertiary centre, the majority of our referrals are from other hospital doctors and we continue working to implement a system which will allow these appointments to be made via Choose and Book.

18 week wait management

Newly installed computer systems are allowing us to closely monitor our performance against the new 18 week wait target. All national guidelines have been met in this area.


A voice recognition system has been successfully implemented which allows faster access for callers and reduces the need for directories and operator intervention.

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