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Trust professor appointed non-executive director on NICE board

25 November 2016 

Consultant cardiologist Professor Martin Cowie has been appointed non-executive director on the board of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). NICE works to improve outcomes for people using the NHS and other public health and social care services in the UK, by:


  • producing evidence-based guidance
  • developing quality standards and metrics
  • providing arange of information servicesfor commissioners, practitioners and managers across health and social care.

Five new non-executive directors have been appointed to represent healthcare areas such as audit and risk, public health and social care. Professor Cowie will lead on hospital medicine and will help guide NICE on this key area of its work. Professor Cowie has previously been a clinical advisor for the organisation on its acute and chronic heart failure guidelines, quality standards, commissioning guides, patient decision aids and technology appraisals.


Of the appointment, he commented: “I’m delighted to join the board and to support NICE in improving outcomes for patients across the country. My experience working at the Trust will be invaluable and I look forward to sharing this with the board.” 


Professor Cowie has played a key role in Royal Brompton Hospital’s heart failure service for 15 years and is a professor of cardiology at Imperial College London. He lectures widely in the UK and internationally on cardiovascular disease and organises many multi-professional educational events. 

He advises industry at all stages in the lifecycle of innovative products that can help improve the life-expectancy and quality of life of people with heart failure.


Watch Professor Cowie on Sky News discussing an implanted heart monitor that could reduce hospital admissions.


The Trust is one of Europe’s largest centres for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and is internationally recognised as a leader in the development of minimally invasive therapy for coronary heart disease.


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