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NHS 70: Thanks for Everything

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NHS 70: Thanks for Everything is a commemoration of the history of care provided in our hospitals to mark the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service, delivered thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund.



Themed on gratitude in healthcare, the programme comprised: 

  • exhibitions, workshops, gratitude talks and tours by Giskin Day (Royal Brompton Hospital only)
  • NHS7tea celebratory events on 5 July featuring tea and cakes
  • Singing for Breathing performances.




'Thanks For Everything', on display until 7 October, is a work in progress leading to a new permanent artwork by self-titled craftivist Carrie Reichardt for both Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals.


The artwork celebrates the social heritage of Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust, its staff working in the NHS, and more widely reflect the people’s love of the NHS. 

The content was gathered by the artist and a team of volunteers from the Royal London Hospital Museum and Archives, where the Trust’s archives are kept.


Harefield Re-Beat Gallery and Royal Brompton’s 3rd floor also display staff and patients’ contributions to the cards and placard-making workshops.

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